The Immortal Methuselah




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Hello, and welcome to the host club.

Please feel free to ask questions and talk as much as you please.

Never before had he been in such a place as a “host club”. Any sort of place had only popped up within the past hundred years and he had never had much of a chance to step foot through the door without being recognized from his ‘wanted’ posters. Here he had only hoped to duck out of the sights of whatever officials were touring the grounds. 

A quick glance around told him that he would stick out like a sore thumb in a place like this, dressed in a priests’ habit, a wide-brimmed hat, and carrying nothing but a  violin in a hard case.

“Where am I..?”

Though a bit surprised at his attire, Haruhi was to shrug it off. Though, some of the other guests weren’t able to due to some of the mindless chatter to themselves about the newest guest who had just arrived.

“Oh. You’re at Ouran Academy. Or, to be more specific, the host club. Though, if you meant in the world you’re in Japan currently.” She explained. Tilting her head a tiny bit in confusion, she blinked. ”You don’t look like you’re from here. Not to be rude or anything.”

When she answered him, Rain realized he wasn’t really sure what he meant. Truth be told, he really didn’t know where he was in comparison to Calvaria, but to ask her about it seemed as if it would do him no good. He had been around for centuries and, if he had learned one thing, it was that his sense of direction was poor and asking for directions using names centuries old worked as well as trying to light a fire with wet matches.

"You could say that…" he chuckled when she mentioned that he didn’t look like he was from Japan. He wasn’t. To be honest, he was from a country long since disbanded. He wasn’t even sure the history books remembered it had ever been there.

Rain remembered, though. He remembered sunny days and blistering summers, meteor showers that consisted of missiles and funerals for children no taller than his knee, fetching robins’ nests and running barefoot through a field of snow-white flowers planted just to see a girl smile. Rain remembered laughing

and smiling
    and crying
        and even dying
            years and years ago in the country that no longer existed…

When he realized he had drifted off like an old man, green eyes blinked and he chuckled nervously as she watched him in what might have been curiosity. Bringing a hand up to rumple the back of his long, pearl locks, he smiled sheepishly.